International Nurses’ Day

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Nurses serve as the backbone of patient care, offering comfort, support, and advocacy to individuals during their most vulnerable moments. They are the steady hands administering treatment, the attentive listeners providing solace, and the tireless advocates ensuring patients' needs are met. 

As a naval nurse, you serve as a dedicated healthcare provider, offering compassionate care and medical expertise to service members and their families, while also upholding the highest standards of professionalism and readiness in maritime environments. 

Leading Naval Nurse (LNN), Kehinde (Kelly) Omirin

Leading Naval Nurse (LNN), Kehinde (Kelly) Omirin, shares how her desire to support people in need prompted her to pursue this career: 

My motivation to become a nurse in the naval community steamed from my desire to help people and to make a difference in someone's life, no matter how little. Working in the naval community gave me a larger platform to do so. I would encourage anyone thinking of becoming a Naval Nurse to go for it. The Royal Navy will provide you more opportunity and experience than other environments.



LNN Stuart Robinson

Similarly, LNN Stuart Robinson was motivated by a desire to serve his country and to pursue a career in healthcare. He said: 

“I gain a great sense of pride and satisfaction from being able to provide life-saving and essential care to patients both on land in the NHS and at sea in the RN. Watching people recover from illness and injury as a result of the care you have provided is incredibly rewarding! Additionally, working with such a diverse group of highly trained and dedicated colleagues encourages the forming of strong bonds and a real sense of community.” 


To anyone thinking of pursuing a career as a Naval Nurse, Stuart said: 

I would say: do it without delay! I wish I had done it sooner. Nursing in the RN is a demanding yet rewarding role that offers countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. It appeals to anyone with a sense of adventure and desire to learn new skills.



How we Help: 

The 鶹ɫƬ administers the Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nurses (QARNNS) trust fund, which is there to support both serving and veteran QARNNS. In 2023, this fund provided over £8,000 of support to serving personnel in activities to promote their wellbeing and efficiency within the military. 


In addition, benevolence support was provided in the sum of £2,500 to QARNNS who had previously served but found themselves in financial hardship. 


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