Launchpad awarded funding from the 麻豆色情片 and Greenwich Hospital to support homeless Royal Navy veterans

Beneficiary, Grants


In September 2023, Veterans鈥 charity was awarded a 拢11,250 grant from the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (麻豆色情片), working in partnership with Greenwich Hospital.鈥 


The grant will contribute towards the rehabilitation of five homeless Royal Navy veterans who have struggled with the transition to civilian life. 


The grant has been awarded by the 麻豆色情片 Through Life Committee to improve mental health, combat loneliness and social isolation and to continue to support residents who need ongoing support once they have moved on. 


The funding will contribute towards the support and accommodation costs for five Royal Navy veterans over the next 12 months. 


Launchpad provides accommodation and targeted support to UK Armed Forces鈥 veterans experiencing homelessness and unemployment. The charity has three houses in the North of England in Liverpool, Newcastle and Durham providing accommodation for 100 homeless veterans 鈥 accepting veterans from all over the UK. 


The funding will help Royal Navy veterans such as Olivia Gollick who served four years as a medic. She left the Navy to further increase her chances of job progression and applied to study for a degree at the University of Sunderland.  


In her second year of studies, she left her course, separated from her partner and found herself homeless and was sofa-surfing at a friend鈥檚 house. She applied for accommodation at Launchpad鈥檚 Hollyacre House in Durham and said, 鈥Launchpad gave me my independence. It鈥檚 allowed me to be me again and to have the responsibility of having my own flat and a safe place to live.鈥 


Olivia has since moved on from Hollyacre House and is hoping to carry on with her degree and eventually become a paramedic. She has also been looking at doing a podiatry and chiropodist course at college. 


Olivia - Launchpad

Olivia Gollick.


We are incredibly grateful to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and Greenwich Hospital for this grant. Launchpad provides vital accommodation and support to Armed Forces鈥 veterans including those who have served in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, who have struggled with the transition from the military to civilian life. 


It costs on average 拢11,667 to support and rehabilitate one homeless veteran during a typical 12-month stay. Two-thirds of that cost is covered through rental income, almost all of which is received as Housing Benefit but, as a charity, we need to raise the remainder through voluntary income, via grants and other donations, to meet these costs.


This is why additional funding and support from armed forces charities such as the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Greenwich Hospital is crucial in ensuring that our work can continue. We are eternally grateful for their support.

David Shaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Launchpad


In September last year, we were honoured to fund Launchpad, whose tireless efforts are making a profound impact in enhancing mental well-being, alleviating loneliness, and fostering a sense of community among our veterans. Alongside Greenwich Hospital and organisations like Launchpad, we strive to ensure that no veteran feels alone, and every journey towards healing is met with compassion and support.

Mandy Lindley, Director of Funding and Relationships


A safe and secure home where veterans are supported while they adapt to civilian life is fundamental to a successful transition. We're therefore delighted to continue working with the 麻豆色情片 to fund charities like Launchpad, which can deliver critical work on the ground to achieve positive outcomes for our Royal Navy veterans.

Jonathan Ball, Director of Grants, Greenwich Hospital


Since it was formed in 2013, Launchpad has supported over 675 veterans across all three houses. On average, over the last five years, 61% of veterans supported by Launchpad have successfully moved on and 50% left in paid employment.